Css Quiz Test (50)


CSS was first proposed by ___

A. Hakon Wium Lie

B. Kenly Wium Lie

C. Falcon Wium Lie

D. Burne Wium Lie


When was the CSS first version invented ?

A. 1996

B. 1997

C. 1998

D. 1999


CSS 2 release date ____ ?

A. 1996

B. 1998

C. 1997

D. 1999


What is the acronym of CSS ?

A. Cascading Styles Sheets

B. Cascading head Sheets

C. Cascading Style Sheet

D. Cascading Style Sheets


CSS is a computer language.

A. True

B. False

C. Both

D. None of the above


Which of the following one is not a CSS type ?

A. Internal CSS

B. Decoded CSS

C. Embedded CSS

D. Both B and C


Which pair is simillar in CSS ?

A. External/ Embedded CSS

A. Inline/ Embedded CSS

C. Inline/Internal

D. Internal/ Embedded CSS


CSS stands for ?

A. Internal Style Sheet

B. Cascading Style Sheet

C. External Style Sheet

A. Inline Style Sheet


 Which of the bellow one is the correct syntax for referring the external  CSS  ?

A. <style src = "style.css" >

B. <style src = style.css>

C. <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="style.css">

D. <stylesheet> style.css </stylesheet>


Which property is responsible to change the background color on an element in CSS ?

A. color

B. background-color

C. bg-color

D. bgcolor


The CSS property that controls the font size on an element is___ ?

A. font-size

B. font-style

C. font-weight

D. None of the above


Which syntex is used to display the hyperlinks without underline ?

A. a {text-decoration : none;}

B. a {text-decoration : remove;}

C. a {text-style : none;}

D. a {decoration-style : none;}


Which of the bellow property is used as the shorthand property for the padding properties ?

A. padding-left

B. padding

C. padding-right

D. All of the above


The CSS property that makes the text bold is___

A. font-weight : bold

B. weight: bold

C. font-size: bold

D. None


Negative values are allowed in padding property ?

A. True

B. Sometimes true

C. Yes using !important

D. False


Which of the following property is used as the shorthand property of margin properties ?

A. margin-right

B. margin-left

C. margin

D. only-margin


What is the correct syntax  in CSS3 to make every word of a sentence begin with a capital letter ?

A. text-style : capital

B. text-transform : capitalize

C. text-transform : capital

D. transform : capitalize


Which of the following syntax is correct to select the elements with the class name "journey" ?

A. .journey

B. #journey

C. _journey

D. :journey


How many combinators available in CSS ?

A. 3 ypes

B. 2 types

C. 4 types

D. 5 types


 Which of the bellow is not a type of combinator in CSS  ?

A. +

B. >

C. ~

D. !


Which type of CSS is used in the following code ?


<span style = "margin-top:10px;"> Hello Web Journey </span>

A. External CSS

B. Inline CSS

C. Internal CSS

D. None of the avobe


The CSS property used to set the maximum height of the element's content box is __

A. position property

B. height property

C. min-height property

D. max-height property


In CSS which property is used to add stroke in the text ?

A. text-transform property

B. text-stroke property

C. text-decoration property

D. None of the above


Which of the following one is not a CSS property ?

A. opacity

B. clearfix

C. overlay

D. cleandex


The CSS property used to specify the order of flex item in the grid container is__

A. order property

B. float property

C. overflow property

D. None of the above


Which of the following HTML tag is used to define an internal style sheet ?

A. <style>

B. <inline>

C. <css>

D. <inline>


 In HTML document where we refer to an external style sheet ?

A. in the <head> section

B. in the <title> section

A. in the <body> section

D. in the <script> section


style is a attribute, true or false__

A. Sometimes true

B. False

C. True

D. None


Which property is used to define the text color ?​​​​​​ ​

A. text-color

B. color

C. font-color

D. Both B & C


Which of the bellow property is used to define the font of the element's text ?

A. font-style

D. font

C. Both B and D

D. font-family


 What is the default size for normal text in CSS ?

A. 12px

B. 13px

C. 14px

D. 16px


What type of CSS is generally recommended for designing large web pages ?

A. Internal CSS

B. External CSS

C. Inline CSS

D. All of the above


What is the correct way to write comment in CSS ?

A. !--!

B. /* */

C. //

D. All of the above


In the following code snippet, in what order will the margins be added ?


h1 {
  margin: 10px 20px 30px 40px;

A. Top, Right, Left, Bottom

B. Left, Right, Bottom, Top

D. Left, Top, Right, Bottom

D. Top, Right, Bottom, Left


Which of the following is used to spacing between each letter in a text in CSS?

A. charecter-spacing

B. alpha-spacing

C. letter-spacing

D. None


Which of the following are valid CSS position property values ?

A. absolute

B. relational

C. static

D. All of the above


Which of the bellow CSS property is used for managing the layout ?

A. text-decoration

B. text

C. absolute

D. display


What is the correct syntax of writing the var() function ?

A. var(--name,value)

B. var(--name)

C. var(--value)

A. var(name)


 Which function is used to insert values of a CSS variable?

A. rand()

B. var()

C. abs()

D. max()


Which one is not type of gradients in CSS ?

A. Conic Gradients

A. Linear Gradients

C. Radial Gradients

D. Generic Gradients



In what way we add more importance to a property/value than normal in CSS ?

C. ! important !

B. important

C. !important

D. None


Which function is used to returns the value of an attribute of the selected element ?

A. attr()

B. calc()

C. counter()

D. All of the above


Whic function is used to return the current value ?

A. calc()

B. abs()

C. counter()

D. None of the above


CSS can be used for animations and transitions__

A. True

B. False

C. Quite impossible

D. Both B and C


CSS units are used for expressing__

A. height

B. length

C. width

D. All of the above


Which of the following is not a CSS unit ?

A. px

B. mx

C. cm

D. in


Which of the bellow unit is relative to the parent element ?

A. %

B. em

C. mm

D. px


How can we define custom fonts using CSS ?

A. @font-face rule

B. Not possible to define

C. pre-defined

D. All of the above


How can we align the p tag text in center ?


<p>Hello, keep me center</p>

A. p{ text-left; }

B. p{ text-align:center; }

C. p{ text-align:right; }

D. p{ text-align:relative; }


Which of the following is the correct approach to make a table responsive ?

A. overflow-x:responsive

B. overflow-x:none

C. overflow-y:auto

D. overflow-x:auto